2004 Brenner Family Reunion


Pictures from the Reunion:

Robert C. Brenner and his wife Carol. Bob and Carol with Frederick E. Brenner (my Dad).

Kim and Grace Rosenthal.

Thomas Brenner and Jessica McDarmond.

Thomas Brenner (Sr?) and Jacquie Nephew Brenner (wife to Frederick E. Brenner)

Village Park, Sebewaing, MI Ė view1, view2 & view3.

The next Brenner Family Reunion is planned for 2nd Sunday in July 2005, location should be on Brenner Lane , in St. Clair.


Historical pictures:


Map showing location of Trochtelfingen, Germany (the town where the Brenner family came from). Here is a larger, Black and White photo of the Brenner Coat of Arms Ė and another with written explanation. Here is a picture of (Johann) Frederich Brenner and his second wife Maria (Renner) Wurst Hall.

Christian Heinrich (Henry) Brenner Family - Photo Taken 1906 or 1907. Brenner Family History TimeLine.

From left to right, Back Row:

#56 Carl Henry (Robert Charles Brennerís grandfather), #51 Emma Regina , #57 George Paul, #52 Bertha Rose, #54 Marie Amanda

Front Row

#58 Marguerite Amelia, #5 Christian Heinrich (Henry) RCBís great grandfather, #5-10 Henry Gustav, #W5 Pauline Henrietta Holtz (RCBís great great grandmother) just before she died, #55 Frederick John (RCBís great uncle Fred)

Two children not shown in this picture since died young: #53 Pauline Henrietta 1857-1893, #59 Alma Regina 1901-1905


Grandpa Carl (insert from previous photo).

Carl with Deed and Chuck is next. Chuck was Robert C. Brennerís Dad.  Robert C. Brenner.


Here are two photos regarding the birthplace of our Brenner lineage. The first is an 1870 photo that was duplicated and printed on a 1933 Brenner reunion announcement. (It also appears in a book on Trochtelfingen.) The second is a current photo showing Don and Robert Brenner standing in the same spot in front of the house. Contrary to what we had thought, the house was not destroyed during WWII.


Picture of my Fatherís folks John and Emma Brenner.