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Daniel Fisher

Daniel Fisher

  • Professor, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Professor, Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Claude W. Hibbard Collegiate Professor of Paleontology
  • Curator and Director, Museum of Paleontology
  • Ph.D. Geological Sciences, Harvard University, 1975
  • Museum of Paleontology website

Contact information

  • University of Michigan
    1535 Museums Building
    1109 Geddes Ave
    Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1079
  • Phone: (734) 764-0488
  • Fax: (734) 936-1380
  • Email:

Fields of study

Functional morphology and phylogenetic inference (incorporating stratigraphic data) to understand large-scale patterns of change in evolution; life history and paleoecology of Pleistocene proboscideans; causes of Pleistocene extinction

UM affiliation

  • Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology
  • Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences
  • Museum of Paleontology

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