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June 2014

Edwards stint in the Peace Corps: the power of knowledge and consciousness

Naim Edwards planting coffee for a Zaruma Environmental Administration project.Naim Edwards, a recent graduate of EEB's Frontiers Master’s Program, spent two years in the Peace Corps before he came to the University of Michigan. Read his account of the life-changing experience.

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Research feature: unvaccinated infants act as "kindling" to fuel epidemics

Painting by John MegahanNearly 4 million children under 5 die from vaccine-preventable diseases worldwide each year, and two University of Michigan doctoral ecology students are working to change that.

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Research feature: long-held assumption about emergence of new species questioned

Tree illustration and bird photo by Daniel Rabosky.A U-M biologist, Professor Daniel Rabosky, and a colleague are questioning the long-held assumption that genetic reproductive barriers, also known as reproductive isolation, are a driving force behind speciation.

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Alumni spotlight: artistic 3-D DNA model climbs three stories

Arctic sunset, video by Jason Dobkowski.“Perhaps the most interesting and exciting thing I was involved with was a mural on our new Bioscience building. The artwork is a three-story surface view of 60 base pairs of an Arabidopsis gene that we sequenced back in the 90s.”

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New videos: Arctic permafrost frozen for 1000s of years is melting

YouTube video screenshot: Thermokarst: Why Wolverine Lake?Is permafrost the ticking time bomb of the global carbon cycle?

Find out more when you watch two new professional videos posted by Frontier Scientists/WonderVisions, featuring Jason Dobkowski (EEB MS 2013).

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Introducing EEB's YouTube channel

Arctic sunset, video by Jason Dobkowski.EEB has a YouTube channel where those interested can go to view videos about multiple aspects of the department. Playlists (so far) include the U-M Museum of Zoology, research, sustainability, outreach, and one that's just for fun. Take a look, leave a comment, subscribe, or “like” a video or two, but most of all, enjoy the views. There are already 38 videos!

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