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Making Connections Through Writing

As writers, our job is to interest readers, but also to develop our knowledge of and faith in ourselves and, always, to remain open to discovery.

» Paul Barron : Lecturer, Sweetland Writing Center

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Writing Program


Writing is at the very core of the mission of the University. It is integral to the process of learning, to scholarly collaboration, and to the sharing of knowledge in every discipline. The English Department Writing Program is dedicated to the teaching of writing, particularly at the 100- and 200-level. Our courses aim to prepare all students to write effective analytic arguments that matter to them and to their audience in whatever academic and professional fields they choose to pursue; to read and analyze complex texts critically; and to develop flexible and appropriate strategies for revising academic writing to strengthen the development of ideas and hone the appropriateness of expression. In our creative writing courses, students also have the opportunity to explore the creation of fiction and poetry. Over the course of the academic year, we teach approximately 6700 students from across the university.

The majority of students at the University of Michigan fulfill the first-year writing requirement through our two 100-level courses: English 124 and English 125.

In addition to taking English 124 or 125, many students also choose to take our 200-level courses in creative writing, argumentative writing, and professional writing. Advanced students may be interested in English 325 or 425.

Available here is information about waitlist/permission procedures, dropping a course, academic integrity, and more.

We have compiled some valuable resources from the University of Michigan and other universities to provide writers guidance on finding a topic, structuring an argument, selecting a good style guide, and more.

Excellence in First-Year Writing 2015

Download the latest volume of the prize-winning writing produced by students in first-year writing courses at the University of Michigan. It showcases the impressive range and quality of writing that students from across the university achieve in first-year writing courses.
» Download the 2010 edition
» Download the 2011 edition
» Download the 2012 edition
» Download the 2013 edition
» Download the 2014 edition

The Writing Program staff are available during normal business hours to help with any questions. The Writing Program Director and Associate Director are available by appointment.

Questions? Call 764-0418.

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