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Workshop Overview

Carol Mohrlock, Slauson Middle School, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Project: Lesson Plans for "St. Petersburg: The Historical Context of Its Musical Heritage" (Complete lessons PDF)

Table of Contents
1. Introductory Lesson on Russia
2. Map Work Related to Russia
3. Peter the Great
4. Peter the Great, Lesson from
5. Evaluating Discrimination and Human Dignity
6. Climate and Folk Music
7. Appreciation of Folk Music
8. Reading about Musical Folk Instruments
9. Getting to Know St. Petersburg
10. Multiple Expressions of "Moscow Nights"
11. Nineteenth-century Classical Music and St. Petersburg
12. Vocabulary Activity
13. Population and St. Petersburg
14. A Look at Two 20th Century Russian Composers
15. Teacher Notes on Russian Music and Composers
16. Additional Information

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Tracey VanDusen, Community High School Ann Arbor, Michigan
Project: Lesson Plans for "A History of St. Petersburg through Its Architecture" (Complete lessons PDF)

General Notes on Lesson Plans

Table of Contents
Lesson 1. The Rise of Russia through Peter the Great
Lesson 2. Introduction to St. Petersburg
Lesson 3. Introduction to the Architectural Styles in St. Petersburg
Lesson 4. The 300th Anniversary Tour Contest
Lesson 5. Exploring Tsarskoye Selo
Lesson 6. The Winter Palace: "If These Walls Could Speak"
Lesson 7. St. Petersburg v. Moscow: The Slavophile/Westernizer Debate
Lesson 8. The Mystery of the Church of Our Savior in Spilled Blood
Lesson 9. The Revolutionary Scene in St. Petersburg
Lesson 10. The Seige of Leningrad
Interactive Timeline

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