Student Steering Committee

The Understanding Race Student Steering Committee is responsible for organizing and coordinating student-centered programming for the theme semester. In addition to heading their own events, the Student Steering Committee also collaborates with a wide variety of student organizations on campus.

The Student Steering Committee meets weekly in the Program on Intergroup Relations office (in the Galleria Building on S. University above Starbucks) on Friday afternoons. All undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to join the Committee.

To get involved with the Student Steering Committee, please contact Clara Ng-Quinn.

Student Steering Committee Members
(as of December 2012)

  • David Calton
  • Alexis Farmer, ‘16
  • Noël Gordon, ‘13
  • Diala Khalife, ‘13
  • Sally Kim, ‘15
  • Mylan Kimbrough, ‘14
  • Alex Kulick '13
  • Salma Moosa, ‘14
  • Melody Ng, ‘16
  • Clara Ng-Quinn, MA ’13 (CHPSE intern)
  • Levester Williams, ‘13