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Dr. Zdenka Brodská wrote all the materials presented in the Czech part of this website language teaching project unless specifically attributed to other contributors. She also coordinated and supervised work of those who participated in the creation of the Czech website.

Rachel Harrell, an accomplished linguist and translator from Czech, translated the section on Czech history and proof-read all the grammar hand-outs. The grammatical Glossary is also her work.

Dr. Mary Hrabik Samal teaches in the Center for Area Studies at Oakland University. The field of her professional interest is Central Europe and especially the Czech Republic. She has published many articles and essays, both in English and Czech.

Christopher Becker, a graduate student at the Department of Slavic Languages and literatures, transformed the materials on grammar and grammatical exercises into a web-based format for this project. He also wrote a note on Cyril and Methodius in the Short Introduction to Czech History.

Broňa Danielová, a programmer and Czech native speaker, has commendably transformed the section on Czech culture into a web-based format for this project.

Holly Furgason, an assistant editor at the Slavic and Germanic Departments, was extremely helpful in transferring the pictures and photographs to the website. Her help and advice during the work on this project was invaluable.

Rachelle Grubb, also an assistant editor (Holly's replacement) at the Slavic and Germanic Departments. She continues to update the pages as needed.

Dr. Robert Sklenar, assistant professor at the Department of Classics at the University of Tennessee in Knoxville, translated an excerpt from the Latin original of Charles IV Autobiography.


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