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Geography (GEOG)

GEOG courses are offered by faculty in other department across the University.

GEOG 111 / AOSS 172 / EARTH 172 / ENSCEN 172 / ENVIRON 111. Global Change: The Sustainability Challenge
(4). (ID). (BS). (QR/2). May not be repeated for credit. May not be included in a concentration plan. Satisfies the geography requirement for State of Michigan certification for social studies teachers. W.

This course explores scenarios for human sustainability and builds competencies in systems thinking and critical analysis, toward planning a sustainable future and to support responsible decision-making that minimizes impacts on the planet's ecosystem and resources.

GEOG 145 / INTLSTD 101. Introduction to International Studies
(3). (SS). May not be repeated for credit. Meets the geography requirement for public teacher certification in the School of Education.

The purpose of this course is to explore the ways in which ideas, people, goods, services, diseases, and natural resources have flowed across political and cultural borders during human history, to examine the consequences of those flows, and to understand how an interest in these topics can be the basis of a professional career.

GEOG 201 / EARTH 201 / ENVIRON 209. Introduction to Environmental Science and Geography
(4; 3 in the half-term). (NS). (BS). May not be repeated for credit. No credit granted to those who have completed or are enrolled in GEOSCI 144 or 202 or EARTH 144 or 202 (or any combination thereof). Students who have completed EARTH 331 or GEOSCI 331 will receive only 3 credits. F.

This course emphasizes the scientific processes and principles behind global environmental problems. Topics include global biogeochemical cycles, human population, ecosystem management, biogeography, ecological restoration, soil-water-air pollution, environmental health, and energy resources.

GEOG 472 / UP 572. Transportation and Land Use Planning
Senior of Graduate Standing; and one of UP 510, UP 503, or another course in ECON and STATS. (Prerequisites enforced at registration.) (3). May not be repeated for credit. W.

GEOG 591. Special Work in Human Geography
Consent of instructor required. (2 - 3). May be repeated for credit. Rackham credit requires additional work.

Directed study and readings related to Human Geography.

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