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Courses in CoE Climate and Space
AOSS, a department in the College of Engineering, is the only one that combines science and engineering, offering an integrated view of Earth and space. The blending of atmospheric and space sciences with engineering puts AOSS at the forefront of the movement to understand the Earth, atmosphere, planets, solar system and space weather in a whole systemic view, rather than individual components.

Atmospheric, Oceanic, and Space Sciences courses are listed in the College of Engineering Bulletin, and in the Schedule of Classes as part of the offerings of the College of Engineering in the AOSS subsection

LSA Credit

The following courses count as LSA courses for LSA degree credit.
Atmospheric, Oceanic and Space Sciences (AOSS)
AOSS 474 / EARTH 474. Ice Sheets, Glaciers and Climate Change
MATH 115 and 116. (3). (BS). May not be repeated for credit.

They dynamics and mass balance of ice sheets and glaciers introduced along with mathematical theories describing how ice sheets and glaciers flow and current methods of observation.

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