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Courses in LSA II: European Studies

The Center for European Studies is a multi-disciplinary research, education, and outreach program that strengthens the understanding of modern, integrated Europe at U-M and in the United States.

European Studies (EURO)
EURO 600. Proseminar in European Studies
(3). May not be repeated for credit.

A general introduction to the literature for graduate students. The course will be taught each year by affiliated faculty and will consist of an interdisciplinary survey of recent publications on European history, culture, politics and society.

EURO 801. Directed Reading
Consent of department required. (1 - 3). May not be repeated for credit.

Designed for individual students who have an interest in a specific topic (usually that has stemmed from a previous course). An individual instructor must agree to direct such a reading, and the requirements are specified when approval is granted.

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