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Courses in LSA
Geography (GEOG)

GEOG courses are offered by faculty in other department across the University.

GEOG 406 / UP 406. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
Introductory statistics (UP 503 or equivalent). (3). May not be repeated for credit. F, Sp.

This course provides an introduction to Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and how it may be applied to solve urban planning problems. Emphasis is on basic principles and concepts of GIS, theory and tools of spatial analysis, and broad exposure to GIS applications such as land use, infrastructure, and environmental planning. Topics include the history of GIS, hardware and software requirements, spatial data types, data forms and sources, spatial analysis techniques, making maps and reports, and fundamentals of database design.

GEOG 472 / UP 572. Transportation and Land Use Planning
Senior of Graduate Standing; and one of UP 510, UP 503, or another course in ECON and STATS. (Prerequisites enforced at registration.) (3). May not be repeated for credit. W.

GEOG 591. Special Work in Human Geography
Consent of instructor required. (2 - 3). May be repeated for credit. Rackham credit requires additional work.

Directed study and readings related to Human Geography.

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