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Courses in LSA II: International Institute
International Studies (INTLSTD)
INTLSTD 101 / GEOG 145 / UC 145. Introduction to International Studies
(3). (SS). May not be repeated for credit.

The purpose of this course is to explore the ways in which ideas, people, goods, services, diseases, and natural resources have flowed across political and cultural borders during human history, to examine the consequences of those flows, and to understand how an interest in these topics can be the basis of a professional career.

INTLSTD 205 / HISTORY 101. What is History?
(4; 3 in the half-term). (HU). (R&E). May not be repeated for credit.

This course provides an overview of the various approaches scholars take when studying the past. Students learn that "The Past" is not just lying there waiting to be uncovered, but must be interpreted and analyzed in ways that give meaning to our lives today.

INTLSTD 301. Topics in International Studies
CICS 101 or INTLSTD 101. (Prerequisites enforced at registration.) (3 - 4). May not be repeated for credit.

This course is a focused and in-depth investigation of global phenomena, with attention to human rights, human security (civil conflict, economic development, social welfare, and health care), and sustainable economic and ecological systems. Readings rely on multiple methods and disciplinary approaches. In the process of studying these global phenomena, students discuss the strengths of specific methods and disciplinary approaches in improving their understanding of issues and problems that cut across nation-state boundaries.

INTLSTD 401. International Studies Advanced Seminar
Junior standing or above. (Prerequisites enforced at registration.) (3 - 4). May be elected twice for credit.

This course is an advanced seminar designed to bring an interdisciplinary perspective to the study of a topic of international significance.

INTLSTD 498. Senior Honors Proseminar
Consent of department required. INTLSTD senior honors concentrators only. (3). May not be repeated for credit.

Students develop a substantial portion of their honor's thesis taking this course.

INTLSTD 499. Senior Honors Proseminar
Consent of department required. Senior IS Honors concentrators who have taken CICS 498. (3). May not be repeated for credit.

After taking CICS 498 in Fall term, students complete their honor's thesis in Winter term.

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