Pterandra pyroidea. a. Flowering branch. b. Detached large leaf, adaxial view. c. Base of leaf with intrapetiolar stipules, adaxial view. d. Surface of lamina enlarged, adaxial side (below left) and abaxial side (above right). e. Cluster of pedicels, subtended by bracts and bracteoles, in axil of leaf scar. f. Flower bud. g. Flower. h. Petal, abaxial view. i. Adaxial view of stamen from opposite sepal (left) and abaxial view of stamen from opposite petal (right). j. Gynoecium. k. Fruit with only two cocci developed. l. Detached coccus, adaxial view. Scale bar equivalents: a, b, 4 cm; c, 1.3 cm; d, 4 mm; e, 8 mm; f, 6.7 mm; g, 8 mm; h–j, 4 mm; k, 8 mm; l, 5.7 mm.—Based on: a, e, Azevedo 170, MICH; b–d, Irwin et al. 34494, MICH; f, Irwin & Soderstrom 6032, MICH; g–j, Anderson 8762, MICH; k, l, Irwin & Soderstrom 7055, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. © University of Michigan Herbarium.
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