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Acridocarpus adenophorus. a. Flowering branch. b. Base of lamina, abaxial view. c. Flower bud. d. Flower, with two posterior petals uppermost. e. Five stamens, abaxial view. f. Stamen in adaxial view to show apical pores. g. Gynoecium. h. Distal portion of style. i. Cross-section of ovary, showing all three locules fertile; note: there is only one ovule in each locule, folded back on itself such that the locule appears to contain two ovules in section. j. Samara. Scale bar equivalents: a, 4 cm; b, 8 mm; c, 4 mm; d, 8 mm; e–g, 4 mm; h, i, 2 mm; j, 1.3 cm. Based on McPherson 14406, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. © University of Michigan Herbarium.
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