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Bunchosia grayumii. a. Flowering branch, with enlargements of adaxial surface of lamina (above) and abaxial surface including land (below). b. Petiole with stipules. c. Node of pseudoraceme and flower, side view with posterior petal at upper left. d. Androecium laid flat, abaxial view, with stamen at right opposite posterior petal. e. Gynoecium. f. Fruit. g. Cross-section of fruit. Scale bar equivalents: a, 5.7 cm (3.3 mm); b, 1 cm; c, 5.7 mm; d, e, 2.4 mm; f, g, 1 cm. Based on: a–e, Almeda 6812, MICH; f, g, González 1555, INB. Drawn by Amanda Humphrey. First published in Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 23: 64. 2001; reproduced with permission of the author.
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Keys: Central America (flowers, fruits)

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