Henlea Griseb. is usually cited as having been published in Abh. Königl. Ges. Wiss. Göttingen 9: 37. 1860, but that volume was not published until 1861. The name Henlea was published on p. 37 of an 1860 preprint of an article with the title, "Erläuterungen ausgewählter Pflanzen des tropischen Amerikas." We have not seen that preprint; the description reproduced above is from p. 37 of the Abhandlungen. We assume the text was not changed from the preprint.
Henlea Grisebach, Erläuterungen ausgewählter Pflanzen des tropischen Amerikas 37. 1860.
Henleophytum H. Karst. is a nomen novum for Henlea Griseb., 1860, which is a later homonym ≠ Henlea H. Karst., 1858. When he published the nomen novum, Karsten gave no description (and published no combinations). Therefore, while the name Henleophytum dates from Karsten's publication of 1861, it is validated by Grisebach's description of Henlea in 1860. We are providing both Grisebach's description of Henlea and Karsten's publication of the nomen novum Henleophytum.
Henleophytum H. Karsten, Fl. Columbiae 1: 158. 1861.