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Dicella julianii and D. macroptera. a–j, D. julianii. a. Flowering branch, with enlargements of adaxial leaf surface (left) and abaxial surface (right). b. Margin of lamina, abaxial view, to show gland. c. Node with stipules. d. Decussate flower buds. e. Flower, posterior petal uppermost. f. Androecium, abaxial view. g. Stamens adaxial view (left) and side view (right). h. Gynoecium, viewed from posterior petal (left) and from anterior sepal (right). i. Cross-section of ovary with sterile anterior carpel at base. j. Fruit subtended by winglike sepals, the anterior sepal downward. k–m, D. macroptera. k. Cross-section of fruit to show thick wall with bundles of fibers and perisperm of single seed. l. Longitudinal section of seed, with tiny embryo at upper left, subtended by perisperm. m. Embryo, front view (left) and side view (right). Scale bar equivalents: a, 4 cm (8 mm); b, 4 mm; c, 2.2 mm; d, 1 cm; e, 8 mm; f, 4 mm; g, h, 2.7 mm; i, 1.3 mm; j, 4 cm; k, 1.3 cm; l, 8 mm; m, 2.7 mm. Based on: a, d–h, Klug 347, NY; b, Vásquez & Jaramillo 11104, MICH; c, Soejarto 4075, MICH; i, Schunke V. 9985, MICH; j, Fróes 23797, IAN; k–m, Anderson 6956, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. Modified from a drawing first published by W. R. Anderson in Mem. New York Bot. Gard. 32: 282. 1981.
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