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Hiptage benghalensis. a. Flowering branch. b. Node with interpetiolar stipules. c. Base of lamina, abaxial view, showing large glands. d. Margin of lamina, abaxial view. e. Flower bud borne on pedicel and peduncle. f. Flower, lateral view. g. Petals, abaxial view (left) and adaxial view (right). h. Androecium laid out, abaxial view, the stamen second from right opposite posterior petal, the longest stamen opposite anterior sepal. i. Three anthers, lateral view (left), adaxial view (middle), abaxial view (right). j. Gynoecium. k. Cross-section of ovary. l. Distal portion of style. m. Samara bearing style, adaxial view. n. Samara, abaxial view. o. Nut of samara, abaxial view. p. Nut of samara lacking a style, adaxial view. Scale bar equivalents: a, 4 cm; b, 4 mm; c–e, 8 mm; f, 1 cm; g, h, 8 mm; i, 2.7 mm; j, 8 mm; k, l, 4 mm; m, n, 2 cm; o, p, 8 mm. Based on: a–l, Koelz 4129, MICH; m–p, VH 1381, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. © University of Michigan Herbarium.
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Keys: USA (flowers, fruits), Caribbean (flowers, fruits)
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