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Tricomaria usillo. a. Flowering branch. b. Large leaves. c. Base of leaf, showing marginal glands. d. Umbel of four flowers. e. Flower bud. f. Flower, posterior petal uppermost. g. Lateral petal (left, adaxial view) and posterior petal (right, abaxial view). h. Androecium laid out, abaxial view, the sterile filament opposite posterior petal. i. Gynoecium from side (left) and from front (right), the anterior style rudimentary. j. Cross-section of gynoecium, the anterior carpel at base. k. Indehiscent fruit. Scale bar equivalents: a, b, 4 cm; c, 4 mm; d, 8 mm; e, 4 mm; f, 6.7 mm; g, h, 4 mm; i, 2.7 mm; j, 2 mm; k, 8 mm. Based on: a, c–j, Lutz 109, MICH; b, k, Anderson 13581, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. © University of Michigan Herbarium.
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