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Galphimia gracilis. a. Flowering and fruiting branch. b. Base of leaf and stipules, adaxial view. c. Flower, side view, posterior petal at upper right. d. Posterior petal (left) and lateral petal (right), adaxial views. e. Stamen from opposite sepal, abaxial view. f. Stamen from opposite petal, adaxial view. g. Gynoecium. h. Intact fruit. i. Coccus, adaxial view. Scale bar equivalents: a, 3 cm; b, c, 6 mm; d, 4.2 mm; e–g, 3 mm; h, 4.2 mm; i, 3 mm. Based on Fryxell & Anderson 3484, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. First published in Fl. Lesser Antilles 4: 608. 1988; modified and reproduced with permission of the author.

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Keys: Caribbean (flowers, fruits), Central America (flowers, fruits)