Galphimia radialis. a. Leaf. b. Base of lamina, showing marginal glands. c. Node, showing long stipules. d. Flower bud, borne on pedicel and peduncle, with portion of inflorescence axis. e. Lateral petal. f. Posterior petal. g. Stamens, abaxial view, opposite posterior petal (right) and posterior-lateral sepal (left). h. Gynoecium. i. Cocci, lateral view (left) and adaxial view (right). Scale bar equivalents: a, 4 cm; b, c, 1 cm; d, 1.3 cm; e, f, 5 mm; g–i, 4 mm. Based on: a, Estrada R. 119, IEB; b–d, Fonseca 1001, MEXU; e–h, Tenorio L. 1471, MICH; i, Paray 2014, ENCB. Drawn by Karin Douthit. First published in Syst. Bot. 28: 719. 2003; reproduced with permission of the author.
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