Heteropterys bicolor. a. Flowering branch. b. Node to show epipetiolar stipules. c. Abaxial surface of lamina to show glands. d. Flower buds with decurrent calyx glands adjacent to innermost petal, three views. e. Flower, innermost petal pointed downward. f. Portion of androecium laid out, abaxial view, stamen in center opposite innermost petal. g. Gynoecium, lateral view, anterior style to right. h. Distal portions of posterior style (left) and anterior style (right). i. Samara. Scale bar equivalents: a, 4 cm; b, 4 mm; c, 8 mm; d, e, 5.7 mm; f, 2.7 mm; g, 2 mm; h, 1.3 mm; i, 2 cm. Based on: a–h, Silva et al. 2215, MICH; i, Hatschbach 23480, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. © University of Michigan Herbarium.
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