Heteropterys caducibracteata. a. Flowering branch. b. Enlargement of base of lamina, abaxial view. c. Enlargement of surface of lamina, adaxial view. d. Flower bud, with pedicel, bracteoles, peduncle, and bract. e. Bracts, adaxial view (left) and abaxial view (right). f. Flower bud from above, the posterior petal uppermost. g. Flower, posterior petal uppermost, with pedicel, bracteoles, peduncle, and falling bract. h. Lateral petal, side view to show dorsal wing. i. Partial androecium laid out, abaxial view, the stamen at right opposite posterior petal. j. Distal portions of styles, lateral view (left) and adaxial view (right). Scale bar equivalents: a, 4 cm; b, c, 4 mm; d, 1 cm; e, 2.7 mm; f, 8 mm; g, 6.7 mm; h, 4 mm; i, 2.7 mm; j, 1 mm.—Based on Anderson 11742, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. First published in Contr. Univ. Michigan Herb. 15: 119. 1982; reproduced with permission of the author.
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