Hiraea faginea. a. Flowering branch. b. Enlargement of node to show epipetiolar stipules. c. Enlargement of abaxial surface of lamina to show parallel cross-veins. d. Enlargement of margin of lamina, near apex, adaxial side, to show marginal gland. e. Flower, posterior petal uppermost. f. Stamen, abaxial view. g. Apex of style. h, i. Samaras, abaxial view. Scale bar equivalents: a, 4 cm; b, c, 1.3 cm; d, 2 mm; e, 8 mm; f, 2 mm; g, 1 mm; h, i, 1.6 cm. Based on: a–g, Level L-20, MICH; h, Forest Dept. 7716, MICH; i, Steyermark 87779, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. Modified from a drawing first published in Fl. Lesser Antilles 4: 615. 1988; reproduced with permission of the author.
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Keys: Caribbean (flowers, fruits), Central America (flowers, fruits)
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