Generic Synonyms – Names excluded from the list of accepted genera are listed with their current assignment. Consult the nomenclature database for details.

Full generic treatments are available for genera listed in boldface; only images are provided for genera listed in italics.

Acosmus Desv. = Aspicarpa Rich.

Adenoporces Small = Tetrapterys Cav.

Alcoceratothrix Nied.  = Byrsonima H. B. K.

Anomalopterys (DC.) G. Don = Acridocarpus Guill. & Perr.

Atopocarpus Cuatrec. = Heteropterys H. B. K.

Banisteria L. = Heteropterys H. B. K.

Banisterioides Dubard & Dop = Sphedamnocarpus Hook. f.

Brachypterys Adr. Juss. = Stigmaphyllon Adr. Juss.

Brittonella Rusby = Mionandra Griseb.

Cabi Ducke = Callaeum Small

Callyntranthele Nied. = Blepharandra Griseb.

Calyptostylis Arènes = Rhynchophora Arènes

Clonodia Griseb. = Heteropterys H. B. K.

Coelostylis (Adr. Juss.) Kuntze = Echinopterys Adr. Juss.

Cryptolappa (Adr. Juss.) Kuntze = Camarea A. St.-Hil.

Dolichopterys Kosterm. = Lophopterys Adr. Juss.

Eriocaucanthus (Nied.) Chiov. = Caucanthus Forssk.

Fimbriaria A. St.-Hil. = Janusia Adr. Juss.

Gaertnera Schreb. = Hiptage Gaertn.

Hemsleyna Kuntze = Thryallis Mart.

Henlea Griseb. = Henleophytum H. Karst.

Jubistylis Rusby = Diplopterys Adr. Juss.

Malacmaea Griseb. = Bunchosia H. B. K.

Meckelia (Adr. Juss.) Griseb. = Spachea Adr. Juss.

Molina Cav. = Hiptage Gaertn.

Peregrina W. R. Anderson = Janusia Adr. Juss.

Platynema Wight & Arn. = Tristellateia Thouars

Rhinopterys Nied. = Acridocarpus Guill. & Perr.

Rosanthus Small = Gaudichaudia H. B. K.

Rudolphia Medik. = Malpighia L.

Ryssopterys Adr. Juss. = Stigmaphyllon subg. Ryssopterys (Adr. Juss.) C. E. Anderson

Schwannia Endl. = Janusia Adr. Juss.

Sipapoa Maguire = Diacidia Griseb.

Skoliopterys Cuatrec. = Heteropterys H. B. K.

Sprucina Nied. = Jubelina Adr. Juss.

Stenocalyx Turcz. = Mezia Nied.

Succowia Dennst. = Hiptage Gaertn.

Tetrapodenia Gleason = Burdachia Adr. Juss.

Thryallis L. = Galphimia Cav.

Tricomariopsis Dubard = Sphedamnocarpus Hook. f.

Triopterys L. = Mascagnia (Bertero ex DC.) Colla

Tritomopterys (Adr. Juss.) Nied. = Gaudichaudia H. B. K.

Umbellulanthus S. Moore = status unresolved; see nomenclature database

Verrucularina Rauschert = Verrucularia Adr. Juss.

Vorstia Adans. = Galphimia Cav.

Zymum Juss. = Tristellateia Thouars
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