Key to all Genera

A key to all genera of Malpighiaceae will be provided at the completion of the project. Keys to clades are posted as they become available; see the list at left.

Regional Keys

1) Keys to species in the USA

2) Keys to genera in the Caribbean

3) Keys to genera in Central America

4) Key to genera in Madagascar

5) Key to genera in Kenya and Tanzania

Additional regional keys are in preparation.

Miscellaneous Keys

Key to Banisteriopsis vs Bronwenia vs Diplopterys

Key to Echinopterys [Mexico; Bunchosia clade]

Key: Malpighia glabra vs M. emarginata

Key to Rhynchophora [Madagascar; Malpighia clade]

Key: Flabellaria vs Flabellariopsis [Africa]

Published Keys

Keys to genera and species are included in many of the works on Malpighiaceae listed under Literature; however, some of the names in these accounts are out-of-date and no longer accepted.

Readers are advised to check the status of names in the nomenclature database.

Acmanthera clade

Acridocarpus clade

Banisteriopsis clade

Bunchosia clade

Byrsonima clade

Carolus clade

Christianella clade

Galphimia clade

Hiraea clade

Malpighia clade

Mcvaughia clade

Niedenzuella clade

Ptilochaeta clade

Stigmaphyllon clade

Keys to Genera within Clades