In Blepharandra the whole fruit is a tiny indehiscent nut without wings, flesh, or aerenchyma.
In a few groups, the fruits seem to have no obvious adaptation for dispersal and are probably dispersed by water or by wind with other small bits of detritus.
In other genera, e.g., Acmanthera, Galphimia, Spachea, and Verrucularia, the fruit breaks apart into small dry indehiscent cocci without wings or flesh.

Dispersal by wind, water, birds

Coleostachys genipifolia
Philgamia glabrifolia
Blepharandra hypoleuca
Pterandra pyroidea
Diacidia galphimioides
Aspicarpa brevipes
Mcvaughia bahiana
Spachea correae
Verrucularia glaucophylla
Heladena multiflora
Galphimia australis