The ancestral inflorescence of the Malpighiaceae was a raceme of cincinni (e.g., Glandonia), but in many genera the cincinni have been reduced to one-flowered units.
Each flower is borne on a pedicel, whose base is defined by a joint; below the joint the stalk is called the peduncle, and the peduncle bears two bracteoles, which can be borne anywhere on the peduncle but are most commonly at or near its summit; the peduncle is subtended by a single bract (e.g., Mascagnia).
The peduncle has been lost in several evolutionary lines, in which case the pedicel is described as sessile, subtended then by a cluster of the bract and two bracteoles (e.g., Byrsonima spp.).
Mascagnia aptera
Glandonia williamsii
Byrsonima surinamensis