Malpighiaceae website. The website is designed and maintained by Christiane Anderson. The contents are based mainly on the work of William R. Anderson and Christiane Anderson (University of Michigan) and of Charles C.  Davis  (Harvard University). This project is supported by NSF grants DEB-0543909 to the University of Michigan and DEB-0544039 to Harvard University. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.

Please use the following citation when referencing the Malpighiaceae website:

W. R. Anderson, C. Anderson, and C. C. Davis. 2006–. Malpighiaceae. [insert date accessed]

Descriptions of clades and genera. In the descriptions of genera, characters are not mentioned consistently if the genus fits the "usual" condition for the family (e.g., hairs medifixed or submedifixed, leaves opposite, unlobed, and entire-margined, flowers all chasmogamous and bisexual, sepals 5, petals 5 and clawed, anthers dehiscing by introrse longitudinal slits, styles distinct). The notes on pollen morphology in the descriptions of genera come, unless noted otherwise, from Lowrie (1982).

Nomenclature. The nomenclature used here is based on the database "Nomenclature of Malpighiaceae" of W. R. Anderson. That database gives extensive information on all validly published names for taxa of New World Malpighiaceae and many taxa of Old World Malpighiaceae.

References. The descriptions, keys, and other information on this website are the work of W. R. Anderson, except where credit is given to another source. The most recent revision of the entire family is that by Niedenzu (1928), and although it is now out of date, it remains an essential resource for the family; it will not be cited separately under each genus. A recent publication gives an overview of the family (W. R. Anderson, 2004), but the numbers of genera and species cited there are already out of date. Many treatments for genera or parts of genera have been published since 1928, and those will be cited under the genera.

Line drawings. Most of the drawings on this website are the work of Karin Douthit; additional drawings were made by H. M. Fukuda, Amanda Humphrey, Melissa Marshall, John Megahan, and Annette Seidenschnur Mahler. Bobbi Angell permitted the use of her drawing of Mezia angelica. All artists are acknowledged in the captions. When drawings were published previously the place of their original publication is given; when unpublished they are cited as © University of Michigan Herbarium, and all rights to those drawings are reserved.

Photographs. The photographs shown here come from diverse sources, noted in the captions. In every case the photographer retains the rights to her or his work. We thank the following people, who have generously allowed us to use their photographs or have arranged for us to obtain photographs from others: Pedro Acevedo, Reinaldo Aguilar, Mac H. Alford, Rafael Felipe de Almeida, Jonathan Amith, André Amorim, William R. Anderson, Patrice Antilahimena, André M. Assis, Bruno Baumann, Eldis Bequer, Pablo Berazategui, Nicola G. Biggs, Allan J. Bornstein, David E. Boufford, J. M. A. Braga, S. H. Bullock, Carlos M. Burelo R., Robyn Burnham, Jean-François Butaud, Maikel Cañizares, Simone C. Cappellari, Gerald D. Carr, William R. Carr, Juan Carrión, John L. Clark, James Cohen, Abel Augusto Conceição, Xavier Cornejo, Douglas Daly, Thomas Daniel, Heriberto David, Charles Davis, Oswaldo Díaz, Paula Dib de Carvalho, Jürgen Döbereiner, George F. Estrabrook, Claudio Nicolleti Fraga, Augusto Francener, Tiana Franklin, Carmen Galdames, Günter Gerlach, Gildas Gateble, Pedro González Gutiérrez, Carol Gracie, Climbiê Ferreira Hall, Barry Hammel, Raymond M. Harley, Jerry Harrison, Linda Harrison, Jürgen Homeier, Michael J. G. Hopkins, Colin Hughes, Ricardo Kriebel, David Lambert, Jennifer Lovell, Juliana Lovo, Joseph A. Marcus, Steffen Matezki, Scott Mori, John Neff, Marcelo Pace, Rolando Pérez, Nigel Pitman, Timothy Plowman, Alex Popovkin, Jennifer Possley, Marie Françoise Prévost, Laurence Ramon, Tony Rodd, George Rogers, L. Rokiman, Gustavo Romero, Gabriel H. Rua, Estevão Silva, Beryl Simpson, Geovane S. Siqueira, D. Doel Soejarto, Daniel Solano, Kim Steiner, Victor Steinmann, Carl Terwilliger, P. Teunissen, Rainer Thiele, Carlos H. Tokarnia, T. M. A. Utteridge, Benjamin van Ee, Orlando Vargas, Damon Waitt, Stephen G. Weller, Marga Werkhoven, and Wenheng Zhang. — Carlos Aedo and Felix Muñoz of the Real Jardín Botanico in Madrid kindly provided the portrait of Cavanilles. The image of the signature of Adrien de Jussieu was supplied by The Botany Libraries of Harvard University. — Photographs of Malpighiaceae are also available at La Flora Digital de la Selva hosted by the Organization for Tropical Studies [go directly to Malpighiaceae], and the STRI Herbarium (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute) [go directly to Malpighiaceae].

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