Sphedamnocarpus poissonii. a. Branch with flowers and fruits. b. Node with interpetiolar stipules. c. Base of lamina and apex of petiole with two bulging hairy glands, abaxial view (left) and adaxial view (right). d. Umbel with only one flower shown, subtended by inflorescence bracts with large glands, the floriferous bract and two tiny bracteoles shown with hairs removed. e. Flower from above. f. Stamens, from opposite sepal (left) and opposite petal (right). g. Gynoecium. h. Distal portion of style. i. Fruit with two samaras developed, the samaras separating. j. Base of samara detached from flower, still attached by the carpophore. k. Embryos. l. Cross-section of embryo. Scale bar equivalents: a, 4 cm; b, 2.7 mm; c–e, 4 mm; f, g, 1.3 mm; h, 0.8 mm; i, 8 mm; j–l, 4 mm. Based on Phillipson & Milijaona 3540, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. © University of Michigan Herbarium.
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