The Stigmaphyllon clade is not yet fully treated. — Generic treatments are posted for Bronwenia, Cottsia, Diplopterys, and Peixotoa as well as a key for differentiating among the genera Banisteriopsis, Bronwenia, and Diplopterys.

Illustrations are available for the following genera (see Illustrations for lists of species).

Only major references are listed (see Literature for additional papers by the authors cited).

Aspicarpa (photos, drawings) — F. Niedenzu (1928); W. R. Anderson (1987)

Banisteriopsis (photos, drawings) — B. Gates (1982)

Camarea (drawings) — M. C. H. Mamede (1990) [pdf]

Cordobia (photo of samaras, drawing) — F. Niedenzu (1912)

Gallardoa (drawing) — C. M. Hicken (1916)

Gaudichaudia (photos, drawings) — F. Niedenzu (1928); W. R. Anderson (1987, 2001)

Janusia (drawings) — F. Niedenzu (1928); W. R. Anderson (1982; 1987); R. Sebastiani & M. C. H. Mamede (2014)

Mionandra (photos, drawing) — A. Grisebach (1874); R. Chodat (1917)

Philgamia (photos, drawings) — J. Arènes (1943; 1950)

Sphedamnocarpus (drawings) — J. Arènes (1943); E. Launert (1961) [pdf p.33]; C. Anderson (2017)

Stigmaphyllon (photos, drawings) — C. Anderson (2007) [pdf 22MB], 2011 [pdf]; R. F. Almeida & A.M. Amorim (2014, 2015a, 2015b); J.-F. Butaud (2015)

subg. Stigmaphyllon: (photos, drawings); subg. Ryssopterys: (photos, drawings)