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Flower structure in Stigmaphyllon. a–c, subgenus Stigmaphyllon. a. Flower of
S. jatrophifolium; posterior petal (“flag”) at top. b. Androecium of S. saxicola; stamen opposing posterior petal second from right. c. Gynoecium of S. calcaratum; anterior style at right. d–f, subgenus Ryssopterys. d. Flower of S. dealbatum. e. Two stamens of S. mariae. f. Gynoecium of male flower of S. dealbatum. g. Gynoecium of hermaphrodite flower of S. dealbatum. Drawn by Karin Douthit. Based on a drawing first published by C. Anderson in Blumea 56: 99. 2011.
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