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Stigmaphyllon solomonense. a. Habit. b. Node with four stipules. c. Base of lamina with pair of glands. d. Detail showing abaxial surface of lamina and two marginal glands. e. Male flower with long peduncle and short pedicel. f. Petal. g. Hermaphroditic flower, corolla and androecium removed to show gynoecium and reflexed sepals. h. Distal portion of stamen of hermaphroditic flower. i. Distal portion of style of hermaphroditic flower. j. Fruit, showing two of three samaras. k. Face view of samara, showing narrow areole. l. Embryo. Scale bar equivalents: a, 4 cm; b, 2 cm; c, 4 mm; d, 2.7 mm; e, 8 mm; f, 6.7 mm; g, 4 mm; h, 2.7 mm; i, 0.8 mm; j, 2 cm; k, 8 mm; l, 4 mm. Based on: a, c–f, Forster & Liddle 8639, K; b, Ramo & Nakisi BSIP 7895, L; g–i, Griffith 2/25, BRI; j–l, Regalado & Sirikolo 808, L. Drawn by Karin Douthit. First published by C. Anderson in Blumea 56: 97. 2011
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