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Tetrapterys cardiophylla. a. Flowering branch. b. Abaxial surface of lamina with tiny glands. c. Node to show minute stipules on interpetiolar ridge. d. Flower bud. e. Bracteoles with tiny marginal glands. f. Flower, posterior petal uppermost. g. Lateral petal, adaxial view. h. Posterior petal, adaxial view. i. Denticulate margin of petal. j. Androecium laid flat, abaxial view, the shortest stamen opposite posterior petal. k. Anther, adaxial view. l. Gynoecium, anterior style in middle. m. Distal portion of a posterior style. n. Two samaras, both in abaxial view. Scale bar equivalents: a, 2.5 cm; b, 4 mm; c, 2 mm; d, 6.7 mm; e, 4 mm; f, 5.7 mm; g, h, 4 mm; i–l, 2 mm; m, 0.8 mm; n, 8 mm. Based on: a–m, Hatschbach et al. 78585, MICH; n, Harley et al. 25673, MICH. Drawn by Karin Douthit. © University of Michigan Herbarium.
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