University of Michigan Diversity Recruitment Weekend Workshop
October 17-19, 2019

Application Deadline August 21st, 2019

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Please go to to learn more about the different areas of doctoral studies offered by the Department of Psychology at the University of Michigan.

Please list the graduate program(s) in Psychology at the University of Michigan that you are most interested?

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During your stay you will have meetings with Psychology faculty. Please list the Psychology faculty at the University of Michigan with whom you are most interested in meeting. We will do our best to arrange meetings for you with these faculty members or a member of their lab. Although you may list faculty who are not core Psychology faculty (e.g., affiliated faculty, emeritus faculty), keep in mind that it is often difficult to arrange meetings with non-core faculty. You might also meet faculty and students not on your list.
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Please describe the ways in which you have demonstrated a commitment to diversity, equity, or inclusion in your research, undergraduate service activities, and/or coursework (if any). (limit to 250 words):
Please describe your current and previous research experience (limit to 250 words):
Please describe your research interests and goals for graduate school, including why you are interested in the University of Michigan (limit to 250 words): | Department of Psychology

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