Paid Subject Pool

The Department keeps a list of those interested in participating in research for pay. The information on the list is confidential. A subject (person who participates in the research project) can be anyone: an undergraduate student, graduate student, staff member, faculty or someone unrelated to the University.

When a researcher has a need for subjects, they review the list and call those who meet the criteria for their specific study. The researcher will also coordinate payment for participation, which will be processed through either the UM Payroll Office or Cashier's Office depending on whether the subject is a UM employee.

What is your full name
What is your local phone number
What is your email address
What is your gender
What year in school are you
What is your age
What is your handedness
Do you have eye correction
if yes is it for reading only
Are you color blind
Do you have any hearing problems
Do you have any physical handicaps
Are you claustrophobic
Are you a native speaker of English
Do you have either a State ID or Driver's License with your photo and date of birth
How many years of experience do you have with Mac computers?
(Please indicate the number of years.)
How many years of experience do you have with PC computers?
(Please indicate the number of years.)