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UMMZ Specimens Featured in "Wild India"


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As part of the India in the World LSA Theme Semester, the University of Michigan Natural History Museum recently held their exhibit, "Wild India".  The exhibit explored the diversity of animal life on the Indian sub-continent, how life has adapted to a range of habitats, and the role some animals play in Indian culture.  The "Wild India" exhibit featured 36 specimens, most of which came from the research collections of the University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.  These specimens included an Indian elephant, several tropical birds, herpetofauna, and a giant clam.  The exhibit also highlighted the importance of collections-based research at the University of Michigan, which has been ongoing at the University since the 1820s.  Given their research importance, most of these specimens have never been on display!  The exhibit concluded on June 1st, receiving nearly 34,000 visitors while on display.
"Wild India" was produced with the generous support of the India in the World Theme Semester.
For more exhibit pictures, please click here.