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Fish Collection

Student volunteer Alissar Langworthy at work cataloging mantises (e.g., praying mantis) in the UMMZ insect collection (photo by Mark O'Brien). UM undergraduates play a vital role in museum programmatic function.

The UMMZ research collections were initiated in 1837 and have grown over time as scientific expeditions by UM biologists and many others have entrusted archival research materials, collected from every region of the world, to their care. Because of their age and global composition, the collections are irreplaceable biodiversity resources that include representatives of many extinct populations, species and faunas. Together with sister collections in peer museums, they provide the ultimate record for studying effects of anthropogenic environmental change on the distributions, appearances, and genetic features of global faunas.
Due to their global research significance, the UMMZ collections support large numbers of scholarly publications every year covering the entire spectrum of topic areas in biodiversity science.

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Our collections comprise an essential component of life sciences research and teaching at the University of Michigan.  Students and researchers derive inestimable benefits from being able to apply the UMMZ collections to study first-hand the diversity of animals from all habitats and regions of the world.

For details on our Permits, Loans and Accessions policies please refer to the following downloadable PDF documents: