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The University of Michigan Museum of Zoology serves as the nucleus for the study of animal diversity on campus, focusing on the evolutionary origins of the planet’s animal species, their genetic information and the ecosystems they form. UMMZ houses world-class collections that span almost 200 years of regional and global biodiversity supporting a multi-faceted research and teaching program.

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Featured Publications

Dichopetala and new Related North American Genera

The genus Dichopetala Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1878 sensu Rehn and Hebard, 1914 is revised, with the description of 6 new genera and 14 new species. (more)

Authors: T. J. Cohn (posthumous), D.R. Swanson, and P. Fontana

Publisher: University of Michigan Museum of Zoology

Date: 1/7/2014

News & Events

UMMZ Mammal Collections suspending operations during relocation!!!

In preparation of the relocation of our collections to the Varsity Drive facility, the UMMZ Mammal Collection will suspend its operations beginning Wednesday, June 1st!

Deadly snakes or just pretending? The evolution of mimicry

Alison Davis-Rabosky and her co-authors published an impressive Nature Communications paper, Coral snakes predict the evolution of mimicry across New World snakes.

Invasive species ID’d at regional UMMZ Fish Division workshop

The Fish Division of the University of Michigan’s Museum of Zoology hosted two workshops dealing with identification of invasive and potentially invasive fish species on April 4-5, 2016 at the Varsity Drive collections facility.


Please Note: The Museum of Zoology is a research facility. It is not usually open to the public. Please refer to the Museum of Natural History website if you wish to visit.