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Graduate Students


Name Research Interest Division Uniqname Phone Room
Diego A. Alvarado Serrano

Ecology and biogeography of mammals

Insects dalvarad (734) 764-8353 2095 Ruthven
Marcella  Baiz

Behavioral ecology, phylogenetics, and biogeography

Mammals baizm Ruthven 3091
Cindy  Bick Tropical ecology, conservation biology Mollusks bickci 1300 Kraus
Omar  Bonilla

Bird-plant ecology, biodiversity

Mollusks obonilla 1300 Kraus Natural Science
Dan  Chang

Molecular ecology and genetics

Mollusks changdan (734) 764-0470 1300 Kraus
Samantha  Flowers

Molecular ecology, phylogeography, speciation, mollusks

Mollusks slflow (734) 764-0470 1013 Ruthven
Qixin  He

Adaptive evolution, genomic evolution, speciation

Insects heqixin (734) 763-8353 2095 Ruthven
Huateng  Huang

Adaptive evolution and speciation

Insects huatengh (734) 763-7943 1089 Ruthven
Jen-Pan  Huang

Molecular evolution, phylogeny, speciation, population genetics

Insects huangjp 2089 Ruthven
Jingchun  Li

Speciation, biogeography and marine invertebrate ecology

Mollusks jingchun (734) 764-0470 1013 Ruthven
Rob  Massatti

Plant systematics, taxonomy, population biology

Insects massatti 2089 Ruthven
Tristan  McKnight

Evolutionary forces that shape community ecology in arthropods, insect ecology and evolutionary biology, speciation

Insects trismckn 2095 Ruthven
Alexandria  Moore

Conservation ecology, biodiversity

Mollusks mooreale 1013 Ruthven
Carlos  Munoz

Systematics, phylogeography, biogeography, evolution, genetic diversity.

Insects carmunoz 2089 Ruthven
Beatriz  Otero JimĂ©nez

Ecosystem Ecology, Biodiversity, Agriculture

Mammals botero 2077 Kraus Natural Science Building
Semoya  Phillips

Coastal ecosystem ecology

Mollusks semoyaph 1011 Ruthven
Jay  Reed

Herpetology and parasite-host interactions

Herps jayreed (734) 764-0466 2039 Ruthven
Jeff  Shi

Patterns of diversification, interspecific and ecological interactions

Herps jeffjshi 120 Ruthven
Paula  Teichholtz

Marine invertebrates, epibiosis and parasitism, evolution of life history and feeding

Mollusks pteich (734) 764-0470 1013 Ruthven
Andrea  Thomaz

Population genetics, speciation, phylogenetics evolutionary biology

Insects thomaz 2089 Ruthven
Pascal  Title

Niche modeling, spatial analysis, herpetology

Herps ptitle 2033 Ruthven
Lucy  Tran

Spatial patterns and processes of speciation

Insects lucaptra (734) 763-7943 2095 Ruthven
Lisa  Walsh

Landscape genetics, wildlife biology, and climate change biology

Mammals llwalsh Ruthven 3091
Jeremy   Wright

Fish systematics

Fishes jjwright (734) 764-0464 1043 Museums