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Division of Mammals

The Mammal Division of the Museum of Zoology was established in 1837, and has grown steadily to its current size, with over 150,000 specimens. An important feature of the mammal collection at the Museum of Zoology is our emphasis on non-traditional specimens; that is, preparations that go beyond or replace the traditional skin and skull. Our fluid collection numbers over 15,000 specimens.

Division News

UMMZ Mammal Collections suspending operations during relocation!!!

In preparation of the relocation of our collections to the Varsity Drive facility, the UMMZ Mammal Collection will suspend its operations beginning Wednesday, June 1st!


Beatriz Otero Jimenez's field work featured in Global Michigan

Beatriz Otero-Jimenez is featured in a recent Global Michigan article by William Foreman


Recent Publications


The uncharacterized gene 1700093K21Rik and flanking regions are correlated with reproductive isolation in the house mouse, Mus musculus

D. H. Kass, V. Janousek, L. Wang, and P. K. Tucker